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David Schied was born in Montana and raised in Oklahoma and Texas. After high school, he followed his “American Dream” to be in Hollywood movies, to author two books, and to live in Japan. He graduated cum laude with two BA degrees from the University of Southern California. A lifetime learner, he holds seven black belts in three styles of martial arts. He is also has a long history of “fighting” for victims’ rights, civil rights, and Constitutional rights.


“Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit” are the tenants defining my life in early adulthood. Biblical principles now govern my mid-life ambitions as an advocate for family values, healthy lifestyles, and the rights of American citizens to be free of government oppression, political hypocrisy, and media propaganda. I believe in “equality for all”, with a special focus on the “underprivileged”, those who stand up against tyranny, and we who value Love and Justice. I pledge to do my best, in duty to God, to the citizens of the U.S., and my family. (Northville, Michigan) Tel: 248-924-3129; Email;

Statement by Charles Stewart - Sandy Oregon

"David Schied is a Patriot from Michigan who did not realize the Corruption of our American Judicial System until he was Un-Justifiably Fired from his Job as a School-Teacher by a self-serving & power-hungry School District Administrator; & there-after David tried to seek Remedy in that Judicial System for his being wrongfully fired.

After years of battling this wrong-doing in the Courts, David's case has grown to include Racketeering and other Crimes being committed against him by Corrupted Public-Servants.

David has recently begun working with Charles Stewart in efforts to Increase Pressure on Corrupted Judicial-Officials by using the "Quo-Warranto Criminal-Complaint" process which Charles has developed.

This is basically how David's case stands now.

Both David and Charles know well that the Corruption in our Court System is so Intense that even with the best legal paperwork, Justice will continue to be Obstructed unless "Popular-Support" can be shown for David's Cause.

Here-under, David and Charles both recognize, that: if we are going to save our Nation form this Epidemic of Judicial Corruption, that our American Patriotic Citizenry are going to have to Organize into Effective Communities of Pressure-Groups, who can being Pressure to Brear on Judicial Officers and Other Public-Servants of every sort.

Here-under, and by his presentation before our group this evening, David is seeking to build a Local Coalition in Michigan who are capable of Assisting him in Pressuring the Local Public Servants there to Follow Constitutional Due Process of Law in Resolving the Criminal Complaints which David is setting forth.

Follow-up comment by David Schied:

I fully endorse Charles' introduction and think it is about as concise as a 5 1/2 year ordeal can be explained. The additional details I might add can include the following, even if only a 15-minute time frame is involved:

1) My story is similar to a high profile former Detroit native - Judge Greg Mathis - who for the last 10 years begins his court television show with a synopsis of his story of being given a "second chance" after getting in trouble with the law and using that opportunity to turn his life around to help others through the criminal justice system. My story involves only a single felony offense in 1977 in Texas - having nothing to do with either sex or children - more than three decades ago when I was in my late teens. A jury of 12 heard the circumstances, understood my unblemished history to that point, and requested that the judge use my admission of guilt as the starting point for issuing me a "second chance" at constructive citizenship. I have therefore been living an exemplary life for the past over three decades.

2) My "second chance" took the form of "probation" followed by an "early termination" of that probation in 1979 that allowed me to "withdraw the plea", "dismiss the indictment", and to "set aside" the judgment. This Texas particular type of "set aside" has been defined as "judicial clemency" meaning "no conviction exists"; and in 1979 both the judge and my attorney had me understanding that this meant that I then had a "clean slate". What I was not told then was that after the court hearing was over someone from the State of Texas "dropped the ball" and failed their job to update the Dept. of Public Safety records. Therefore, for the next quarter century those Texas government records continued to show a disposition of "conviction" and a status of "probation".

3) Upon my receipt of that court Texas Order "set aside" in 1979, I went forward to cherish my "second chance" at citizenship and freedom by disciplining my mind and body through martial arts training. I earned numerous black belts and eventually used those skills to become a crime prevention expert, a book author, and a victims' rights advocate. While living in Texas during the early 1980s, I also took up gymnastics and pursued a career as a professional "stuntman" with Chuck Norris being one of the very first to hire me and give me my first "break" in the film and television industry. In 1985, I moved to California to get my fully-illustrated book published and to pursue a career as a professional actor and stuntman. In the 15 or so years that followed I not only worked on films and a couple of television series ("Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and "High Tide") but also went back to school and graduated "cum laude" from the first-tier private university
of the University of Southern California. I graduated there with two degrees, including one from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. During the late 1980s, I also served as a founding board member alongside Doris Tate, mother of Manson-murder victim Sharon Tate, in her "Coalition On Victims' Equal Rights" organization dedicated toward establishing national victims' rights legislation to ensure criminal justice for crime victims and their families.

4) Before leaving Texas, I wanted to ensure that I formal "forgiveness" from the State of Texas. I also had heard that on a federal level, a prior felony might impact my right to ever own a firearm unless I had a formal pardon from the president of the United States. Though that information was incorrect, I wrote the President and his office sent me back a letter telling me that I should go to the Texas governor instead. I found out that the method for getting such a "pardon" from the Texas governor was to go to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles; so I applied, and I received a formal governor's pardon in 1983 that included a "restoration of full civil rights". What I did not know then was that, according to an interpretation of the law provided by Texas attorney generals, anyone who has received a "set aside" such as the type I received was not eligible for a pardon because "there was nothing left to pardon". Furthermore, I didn't understand that
the only reason why I got that pardon was because the Dept. of Public Safety records were still showing a "conviction" and "probation". Something else I did not know was that not even the Governor's pardon was credited by the State of Texas to that erroneous criminal history record being held by the Texas Department of Public Safety; and again, for the subsequent quarter-century the Texas criminal history records remained in error.

5) Long story short, when around 2000 I became married and with a child, I decided to change careers to become a special education schoolteacher so that, like Judge Greg Mathus, I could help other "troubled" kids to at least become better educated. After putting in two full-time years as a high school teacher in California, I researched the "best places" to raise and educate a family in the U.S. and in the summer of 2003 I moved my family to a town near to Ann Arbor where I instantly got a job as a schoolteacher for the Lincoln Consolidated School District just south of Ann Arbor. That's when my life turned upside down and I found myself neck-level deep in government corruption.

6) I was recommended for hire by the Lincoln school district's special education department chair who saw that I not only had two prior years of full time experience but also had two decades of teaching self-defense to women and children. Within a week of my hire she informed me confidentially that her ex-husband had been beating her up in front of her children and she wanted me to teach her self-defense. So we set up private tutoring sessions a couple of times per week. Shortly afterwards we began discussing how my book might be used in programs for "professional development" of teachers and staff in learning safety strategies around the public building. While that was going on, I found out that the District's Human Resources director that hired me had mistakenly placed me at the bottom of the salary scale despite my having provided the district with proof of two prior years of teaching experience. As fate would have it, that human resources director
was elevated to the level of the "interim" superintendent of the school district about the time I was challenging her placement of me on the teacher salary scale, and while using the Evidence of teacher union's collective bargaining contract to justify my demand for a higher rate of pay. Nevertheless, that "interim" superintendent took me behind closed doors and basically told me that it was my "tough luck" that she was refusing to pay me according to the union contract. Then, about the time I took the salary issue to the union for formal grievance proceedings to begin, an FBI criminal background check came arrived to the school district revealing the erroneous record that had been kept in Texas for that past quarter century. The report erroneously listed a disposition of "conviction" and a status of "probation" without any mention of the "set aside" or "pardon" that I had long ago received.

7) Despite my showing this "interim" superintendent my set aside and pardon, and even having my union "representatives" as witnesses provide her with copies of my clemency documents to prove my claim that the FBI report was erroneous, that school official fired me while writing two termination letters calling me a liar and a convict. She also did so despite a statutory disclaimer written right on the FBI report itself providing me the right to challenge the accuracy of that FBI report, and the right to keep my employment until that challenge was exhausted. Nevertheless, this "interim" superintendent fired me in "retaliation" for two primary reasons: First, it was because I had initially challenged her newfound authority as the "interim" superintendent when going to my union to grieve the salary isseus. Second, it was because by my showing up to her initial "termination" meeting with the Texas clemency documents in hand, she was given cause to "lose face"
because she had already been so over-confident about her having me "over a barrel" with the FBI report, she had scheduled that first meeting after already having criminally disseminated that FBI report to others and after having already informed my supervisors that she was intending to fire me...all before even confronting me with the FBI report and giving me even a chance to challenge the accuracy of that report.

8) Essentially, while realizing that she had done wrong, this "interim" superintendent continued to do wrong while knowing that "due process" proceedings put TIME on her side and the ODDS against me as a new Michigan resident. To help ensure future trouble for me in sustaining myself with another teaching job, this school administrator then maliciously put copies of my Texas court Order of "set aside" alongside the erroneous FBI report, placing them into my public personnel file despite that both are legally and statutorily deemed as "nonpublic" and "confidential" documents. Along with those documents, she then added two letters of her own calling me a "liar" and "convict"; and ever since then, this school district has not only provided that information to any other school district requesting information about me, but is also sending these "nonpublic" documents out to the ANYONE who requests a copy of my personnel file under the Freedom of Information
Act. Under both State and Federal laws, each incident of disclosure of these "nonpublic" documents is a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR offense against me.

9) A few months after my job termination, in 2004, I was able to get the entire Texas record "cleared" in the most expedited manner through an "expunction" of what I found out should have otherwise been only a remaining nonpublic "arrest" record. While getting that done, I was able to secure employment with the Northville Public Schools in my home town where my child attended elementary school. That district's human resources director hired me based on the understanding that they too would likely receive an erroneous FBI report and that I was in process of "correcting" it in Texas through a court "Order of Expunction". That Order was to symbolize the "obliteration" of all records related to the 1977 "arrest". They thereby promised me - in writing twice over a year's period - that once I provided those school officials with proof that the FBI record had been "cleared", they would "return or destroy" copies of my clemency documents that I had entrusted to
them to keep "sealed" as proof that the FBI record was erroneous and need of correcting. Subsequently, once I fulfilled my side of that bargain in 2005, the Northville school district administrators turned around and - instead of returning or destroying my clemency documents - began maliciously disseminating these documents from my public personnel file, despite that I had otherwise earned two letters of recommendation from two school principals over the course of that previous year and a half. These government officials were simply taking such action out of RETALIATION because I by 2005 I had been pursuing the first (Lincoln Consolidated) school district in civil court; and because by the time I got the record "corrected" in Texas, I had also filed a crime report with the Michigan State Police about the criminal dissemination of the FBI report by the first school superintendent at the Lincoln schools south of Ann Arbor.

10) Essentially, SCHOOL OFFICIALS FROM THESE TWO SCHOOL DISTRICTS HAVE BEEN DISSEMINATING THE "EVIDENCE" OF AN ERRONEOUS FBI REPORT, AND THE EVIDENCE OF THE "CORRECTION" OF THAT FBI REPORT, TO THE PUBLIC WHILE "MISREPRESENTING" THESE GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS AS OTHERWISE BEING "EVIDENCE" OF MY "UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT" AS A SCHOOLTEACHER... THREE DECADES AFTER THE FACT. Both of these school districts continue to disseminate these documents today in blatant violation of my rights to personal privacy, and in CRIMINAL VIOLATION of numerous state and federal statutes, despite my having brought these issues before numerous Michigan judges, Michigan law enforcement agencies, the Michigan Attorney General and the Governor. More recently, these crimes are still occurring against me, and to the complete devastation of my dependent family, despite my having also taken the report of these crimes to Federal courts and to the U.S. Attorney, the FBI, and to the Department
of Justice... and while I've been asking government officials at every point along the way to allow me to bring these issues before a civil JURY or to be delivered to a GRAND JURY for criminal indictments against these government officials.

11) Essentially what is happening here is that all these judges and law enforcement officials recognize - but disregard - my crime reports, while continually generating additional documentation that keeps the spotlight on their claim that the original FBI report was "valid". They have acted consistently and defiantlly in an absolute refusal to admit that the Texas records were ever wrong to begin with, and without ever "litigating" the fact that the school officials are continually committing crimes against me by disseminating the documents to keep me unemployed and unable to support my family. Meanwhile, over these past few years I have documented evidence that their having "aided and abetted" and "covered up" these crimes by means of the following:
a) Law enforcement officers have repeatedly "perjured" crime reports they have submitted to prosecutors on my behalf;
b) Regional prosecutors, the Michigan Attorney General, and even the Michigan Governor have repeatedly "abused" their "prosecutorial discretion" while acting in gross "malfeasance" of their official duties (and by perjury of their sworn oaths to uphold the laws of the State and the United States while denying me the right to equal treatment and crime victim protections);
c) State and Federal judges, as well as other supervisory government officials, have provided nothing but "rhetoric" and "terse interpretations of the law" with repeated findings of "no violation" occurring by any government official about whom I have filed complaints. These local, regional, statewide, and federal level government "servants" have continually relied upon such types of "unsupported" statements these past 5 years in the face of my wholely supported allegations backed by a plethora of Evidence to the contrary.

All of these government officials have stripped me of my Civil Rights and my Constitutional Rights while acting "under color of law" to re-establish "guilt" and a "conviction" as matters of FACT, while denying me statutory protections afforded by "Due Process", "Privileges and Immunities", "Full Faith and Credit", and Victims' Rights laws that I myself helped to fight for to get legislated. Meanwhile, these government officials have used "color of law" to subject me to "double jeopardy" (punishing me again three decades later for the same offense) by forcing me into "self-incrimination" (by demanding that I explain the meaning of the "set aside" and "pardon" documents, which I otherwise wanted to do to prove the original 2003 FBI report erroneous, in order to get me to re-admit "guilt" and a "conviction" without providing me with "Full Faith and Credit" to the "withdrawal" of guilt and the legal "wiping away" of the conviction).

Quite a shock to me is the response I have also received when going to Civil Rights agencies about these civil and criminal violations of my rights. None will do anything about this simply because I am an Anglo-American! The ACLU blatantly stated that while they are actively seeking cases like mine (i.e., employers terminating individuals based upon the discovery of a past criminal history record), they only intend to represent people "of color" to support their agenda of going to Courts with the claim that this is otherwise a "racial discrimination" issue. I believe that this FACT needs exposure to the public because my case proves that such employer action is not limited to race, and in fact the "racial discrimination" can be perceived as "reversed" since the Lincoln Consolidated Schools official that started this whole mess for me was herself a woman "of color".

Please also note that I have spoken with Iloilo Marguirite Jones of the "Fully Informed Jury Association" about the fact that my persistent "demands for jury", as well as my requests for access to a Grand Jury, have been barred by judges and law enforcement refusals to allow my case to be presented in any way to the "people" otherwise constructing those juries. Though Ms. Jones is clearly doing good things and has even been a "guest" on the "Collective Consciousness" phone call network, Ms. Jones has also refused to assist me in any way. She has stated that refusal based simply because thus far I have been fighting government as the "plaintiff" rather than as the "defendant". It appears that her organization only actively "serves" people who are the subject of government tyranny and fight in their own "defense" rather than to help people who take an "offensive" posture as otherwise advocated by Randy Kelton, Tony Davis, and others trying to stop this
government lunacy by "affirmative" means.

Anyone reading this message has my permission to publicly post my depiction of this injustice, and/or to share this "miscarriage of justice" information with others interested in knowing exactly how government corruption operates here in Michigan. Note that while further details are available through the Internet, what is posted by PACER and WESTLAW about the civil and criminal Complaints I have filed may be in the form of government "rulings" rather than in my own written statements and sworn affidavits. If anyone wishes ACCURATE details, I have copies of all my complaints in digital format for further public postings. I intend to provide all this "in good faith" that anyone requesting this information will further this WAR against American government corruption, rather than to assist these criminal perpetrators in the further demise of my reputation, my career, my family's financial future, and my child's hope for a future educational.

David Schied